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Join us for this beautiful and important play about love, depression and compassion.

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Sweet Sixteen 

A Collaboration with De Toneelmakerij
Written by Casper Vandeputte
Directed by Belle van Heerikhuizen

June 16 - 25


 “My sister's name is Dido.  She's dead and I miss her terribly.  She killed herself and I'll never understand why." - Dunya  

Sweet Sixteen is a play about two sisters, Dunya who is 15 turning 16 and Dido, Dunya’s sister who committed suicide the day before her 16th birthday. The night before Dunya gives a speech to her class about suicide, she tries to understand why her sister did what she did one last time. After tonight, she is going to erase Dido from her memories for good. Suddenly, Dido appears in the room. Only, it’s Dunya’s version of her sister and how she remembers her when she was alive. They engage in conversations about life, death, and Dunya asks the burning questions she has had for a long time: why and how could you have done this?  What was actually wrong with Dido?  Does she even know what she did to Dunya and their parents?  Why didn't she ask Dunya for help?


Sweet Sixteen is a beautiful story of love, compassion, and our urge to understand each other, with humor and empathy.

With Hanna van Vliet as Dunya and Sigrid ten Napel as Dido.


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For the ones left behind

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