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By Nina Raine (March 2019)

Tribes is a thoughtful yet funny portrayal of how one family navigates the fact that their son Billy is deaf. Growing up Billy's family didn't  teach him sign language in an effort to make him feel "normal". After meeting Sylvia, a hearing woman raised by her deaf parents, Billy is introduced to a whole new world; one where he can communicate and express his voice for the first time and this causes tension within his family. 



Rocky Hopson 



Sarah Eggar.jpg

Sarah Eggar 

daniel hillel-tuch.jpg

Daniel Hillel-Tuch 

Hugh Mackay.jpg

Hugh Mackay

Tamara Richards Headshot.jpg

Tamara Richards

Lucy Brownhill Headshot 3 (2).jpg

Lucy Brownhill

James King .jpg

James King


Stage Manager - Sandy Topzand 
Lighting Designer & Operator - Tom Wickens
Sound Designer - Joan Olle Aymerich
Sound Operators - Joan Olle Aymerich & Hilary McReynolds 
Costume Designer - Daisy Pratt 
Poster Design - Becky Elliott

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