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Sweet Sixteen
Written by Casper Vandeputte
(June 2023)

Sweet Sixteen is an important, honest, and moving play about mental health and suicide, originally written to address teen suicide
in high schools across the Netherlands. It tells the story of Dunya and Dido, Dunya's older sister who committed suicide. The night before Dunya has to give a talk about suicide (a topic she herself
chose to present in class), Dido appears in her room. Dunya tries to comprehend what happened to her older sister and they engage in conversations about life and death. She finally asks Dido the burning questions she has had for a long time.

OTC is proud to present Sweet Sixteen, OTC's first English rendition of a Dutch play, in collaboration with de Toneelmakerij.

Belle_Elisabeth Lanz Fotografie01.jpg

Belle van Heerikhuizen

Casper Vandeputte (by Benning Gladkova)_

Casper Vandeputte




Hanna van Vliets 

Sigrid ten Napel.jpg

Sigrid ten Napel


Stage Manager - Leonor de Meer
Lighting Designer - Rob Goudsmit
Costume Designer - Viivi Valpuri
Set Designer - Stef Heijnen-Bakker
FOH Manager - Caroline Geiser
Videographer - Jonathan Hunter
Photographer - Arjen Veldt
Poster Design - Jasmin Schiffer

16_06_23  Sweet Sixteen-4882.jpg
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