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An Invitation to Collaborate with Orange Theatre Company (OTC)

Supporting powerful English-language theatre in Amsterdam

 Theatre is an important part of the cultural life of the English-speaking and Dutch communities in Amsterdam.  OTC fulfills a vital need for locals and internationals  by providing them with a  place to experience professional English-language theatre and help them root in Amsterdam. 

We would like to invite you and your employees to experience engaging English-language theatre in Amsterdam by partnering with Orange Theatre Company.

By partnering with OTC, we provide culturally-enriching opportunities for your team to help them to connect to each other and to the Amsterdam community and the cultural landscape. Like your company, OTC is ambitious, expanding, and has Dutch roots with an international  perspective. Partner with OTC and be at the forefront of the next international cultural hub of Europe. 

About Orange Theatre Company

Connecting the Dutch and internationals in Amsterdam through English-language theatre.

Orange Theatre Company established itself in the Amsterdam cultural landscape by staging vibrant, compelling presentations of powerful plays, including  ART and The Pillowman, THE B WORD (an original comedy-drama about Brexit), Tribes and this coming May, the West End smash hit Noises Off.

The quality of our work, and the strength of our organisation has been received with open arms by Amsterdam audiences: 


“Recent productions ART and The Pillowman – which received a standing ovation – were very well received and this autumn’s Brexit-themed production is sure to strike a chord with the expat community.”  -


Supporting English-language Theatre in Amsterdam

Become an OTC Partner by providing a financial contribution for our programming. Let us create a tailored partnership package focused on your organisation's needs and budget.  We can provide a variety of benefits to add value to your contribution, such as: 

  1. Professional workshop by an OTC member (topics include releasing inner creativity, public speaking, improvisation, and more!)

  2. Complimentary tickets to an OTC production

  3. Recognition as a "Partner of OTC and the international artistic community"

  4. Your company's logo in OTC publications, website, social media, posters, and possibly even at the entrance of the theatre! 

  5. Employee discounts for attending additional performances with friends and family.

  6. Pride in contributing to diversifying the cultural landscape of Amsterdam. 

  7. Perhaps you're looking for something else? Let's come up with the perfect benefit for you.


How can you partner up with OTC?

|| By supporting an entire OTC season (see above) ||


|| By contributing to our next production Noises Off ||

Support an Entire OTC Season

Longevity is the key word in building a strong and inspiring connection! 

With your donation, you will contribute to, amongst others things:

  • A full year of OTC productions 

  • Applying for a Google Grant

  • A dedicated office space for the OTC management team

  • High-quality workshops that grow OTC’s internal talent while also offering professional development for Amsterdam's artistic community at large

  • Marketing and publicity efforts that spread the word of OTC and English language theatre in Amsterdam

PS: The amount of your company's contribution or gift is deductible for Dutch corporate income tax purposes – and because OTC is a Cultural Public Benefit Organisation, you get to deduct an extra 50% of the contribution, up to €2,500

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