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Art in the Time of Corona

Written and Co-directed by: Kristine Johanson 

Co-directed and edited by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Amsterdam, April 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown has taken the jobs of Shiro, a former lawyer and the director of Fever Theatre Company, her friend's and put their production of King Lear—their escape away from those jobs—on the rocks. This production was a dream for them all: a chance to be seen, to establish themselves here. But when Shiro, the play’s director, starts lying to her friends as she struggles to stay afloat financially, as tensions build in the characters’ individual lives, and when Shiro’s own safety net evaporates, the dream looks dead. Abandoned by the powerful investor who had promised to help her, Shiro rages against the gig economy in an accidental video that goes viral. Her friends, confronted with her struggle, return to support her. When their efforts to fund the production fail again, they unite behind their dream. Their production of Lear—a play set out of time, a play about an apocalypse, a play about need—is a fight for their own worth, a rebellion against everyone who questions their added value. In order to make that fight their own, they discover that they have to adapt the play for themselves.

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