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Help build the stage for International theatre in Amsterdam, that breaks down barriers and brings people together! 


Amsterdam deserves a company that reflects its open, inclusive and international mindset.

OTC is here to do just that and shake things up.


By contributing to this campaign, you will become part of OTC’s legacy and help us continue on the path we set out in 2018 of becoming Amsterdam’s leading English language theatre company. But most of all, you can make a difference and help build a stage for our talented actors, writers and other creatives who bring the English language theatre experience to you.

What's in it for you? 

Exciting English language theatre of course, and eternal OTC love and gratitude for everyone who is helping to keep the dream alive!


Whether you are that elusive Golden Goose, a Dream Chaser  like us, making your mark as a Mover and Shaker or as a Theatre Lover, one thing’s for sure: 

We are forever grateful for your support!

Golden Goose 


  • Responsible for funding the full year of Orange Theatre Company 

  • A seat for you and a guest at every performance.

  • Backstage access to all three productions including a personal meet and greet with the cast and crew 

  • Access to invited rehearsals 

  • Website / playbills (This needs to be clearer. Do they get a website and playbills?)

  • Personalised thank you video from OTC’s Directors 

  • Personalised emails letting you know all the OTC updates first 

  • One performance of each production is in honor of you 

  • Dinner with OTC directors discussing OTC’s upcoming productions

  • 21% Discount on Youth Theatre courses for 2021

  • OTC T-Shirt and Mask 

  • Bragging rights 

  • OTC’s Eternal love

Dream Chaser


  • A seat for you and a guest at every production.

  • Backstage access to all three productions including a personal meet and greet with the cast and crew

  • Access to invited rehearsals 

  • Personalised emails letting you know all the OTC updates first  

  • Playbill/ website recognition 

  • One performance of a production is in honor of you

  • Dinner with OTC directors discussing OTC’s upcoming productions

  • 10% Discount on Youth Theatre courses for 2021

  • OTC T-shirt and Mask

  • OTC’s eternal gratitude


Mover and Shaker


  • Access to invited rehearsals  

  • Playbill/Website Recognition 

  • Mask with OTC logo

  • Thank you video from OTC directors

  • OTC’s eternal gratitude

Theatre Lover


  • Playbill recognition 

  • Mask with OTC logo 

  • Thank you video from OTC directors

  • OTC’s eternal gratitude


Pay what you'd like

  • Thank you video from OTC directors 

  • OTC’s eternal gratitude

Why OTC?

From the start, OTC’s strategy has been to combine artistic excellence with business savviness to provide theatregoers  with a first-class theatre experience. We have been creating productions that connect and inspire our Dutch and international audiences. By staging an annual season, we have the unique opportunity to create a space where audience members and theatremakers from diverse backgrounds can come together over their love of English language theatre. A place where people can be entertained allowing the stresses and strains of everyday to life melt away.


Why now?

Since launching the company in 2018, we have grown our audience, and gained incredibly talented individuals working with us to stage theatre with an intense passion. 


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, we have experienced some unexpected difficulties, namely, having to shut down our productions in 2020. In addition, we have been unable to receive few subsidies based on our unique positioning in the cultural landscape.


As a non-Dutch, semi-professional theatre company who is in a transitional phase, OTC does not fit the typical requirements of most grants. We recognize that we need funding to take us to the next level, become more professional, and establish a solid foundation to make our company sustainable. This campaign is an important part of our fundraising efforts. It will  help us grow our audience, increase our exposure, and gain the interest of grants and corporates, all the while guaranteeing that OTC can stage productions for 2021.


What will be staged in 2021?

When we succeed, OTC will return to the stage stronger than ever this Fall. We will take you on a journey of reflection with two amazing productions. First we will stage Lux, an original play about a dystopian world that begs the question: “how will we remember those times when we were in the dark?” Then our first musical The Last Five Years will take you into the five year relationship of a struggling actress and a successful writer living in NYC, reflecting on their experiences and showing there are two sides to every love story.

 Who we are

Orange Theatre Company (OTC) is a young, ambitious company that has been creating high-quality English language theatre since 2018. We are not just a theatre company; we’re also a melting pot of nationalities. More than 40 creatives, with 15 different nationalities work together to bring entertaining and thought provoking theatre to the stage. We create a space for like-minded theatregoers and theatre makers to come together bridging the social/cultural barriers that day to day life creates. 

Even amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic, we continued to create. We shot our first short film Fever Dream (Winner of best short film at Het Amsterdams Buurt Filmfestival), launched The Monologue Podcast, and launched our Youth Theatre program for aspiring young actors.

The Faces behind OTC

Directors and Foundation Board

Jan H.jpg

Sairah Erens 

Executive Director 

Elyse O'Shaughnessey

Artistic  Director 

Jan Hoekema 

Foundation Board (Secretary)

Sezer Yilmaz 

Foundation Board (Treasurer)

Advisory Board

Jan G.jpg

Aram Balian

Jan Geusebroek

Norman Vladimir

Roos Bernelot Moens


Shea Elmore

OTC Talents

Alex B.jpg

Alex Baggett

Anna Marques

Caroline Geiser

Casey Kooyman

MaudSchoonenCharlotte2 kopie.jpg

Charlotte Dommershausen

Coleman Kelly

Daisy Pratt

Daniel Hillel-Tuch

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