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By Amiri Baraka (November 2019)

Dutchman presents a stylized encounter between Clay, a young, intellectual middle-class black man and Lula, a seductive white fellow passenger on a New York City subway car. Flirtation and conversation quickly turn to dangerous attraction. The emotionally taut, intellectual verbal fencing between Clay and Lula that follows, spirals irrevocably to the symbolic act of violence that will apparently repeat itself over and over again. 

Dutchman takes its audience on a provocative, startling journey. It examines the chronic racism deeply woven into American society and forces its audience to look at ourselves, our society, and how racism has impacted our daily lives.



Rocky Hopson  


headshot 1 kleur.jpg

Sairah Erens 


Mike Phillips-Gomez

Casey Kooyman Headshot.jpg

Casey Kooyman


Anna Marques

Esther13507 (1).jpg

Esther Low


Shiro Mungai

Tamara Richards Headshot.jpg

Tamara Richards



Production manager - Elyse O'Shaughnessey

Stage manager - Anca Munteanu 

Set designer - IA Enstera

Lighting designer  - Tom Wickens

Sound designer - Rocky Hopson

Costume designer - Viivi Salokangas

Prop master - Daisy Pratt 

Poster design - Dora Visky 

Poster Photographer - Marjolein van der Klaauw

Front of House manager - Laura Vis

31_10_19 OTC Dutchman -3407.jpg
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