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Written by Sam Morris
October 2021

In a dystopian world where light is currency anything is possible


LUX, takes place in a dystopian world, posing questions that parallel the ones we face today.

How will we remember those times in the dark?
How will we emerge from this place?
What will we become?

People live in the dark. The surface isn’t safe. Light is currency.

At its heart, Lux is a ‘what if’ story. By taking a simple step away from money as currency, familiar situations can be examined anew.

The play follows Gabe - a recovered drug addict - trying to make good on his past. But, in doing so, he ruins his chances of success. Instead, Gabe stumbles upon a hidden world of guerrilla warfare, where those deemed useless by society can find hope, and the promise of a brighter future.

It’s a play about escape, dealers and addicts, attempts at redemption, and what it means to have value.


Elyse Headshot.jpg

Sam Morrs


headshot 1 kleur.jpg

Coleman Kelly 


Judie Feenstra

Casey Kooyman Headshot.jpg

Jacqueline Poplar 


Matthew Carney


Pim van Amerongen

Esther13507 (1).jpg

Viivi Salokangas 


Stage manager - Diana Macari

Set designer - Ia Enstera

Lighting designer  - Tom Wickens

Sound designer - Melcher Meirmans and Nando Eweg (Recsound) 

Costume designer - Viivi Salokangas

Program designer - Katerina Georgakopulou

Poster Designer - Ines Serrano

Poster photo - Milk Bottle Photography

Paintings by - Ann Oakley

Front of House Manager - Miruna Gabor

Special Thanks to - Caorline Geiser, Raphel Dias, Bril Koffie, Monk's Coffee, Rob Wieringa

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